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Recipient of the 2020 fellowship in fiction, awarded by the Wyoming Arts Council.

Wyoming's Teton Range, photo by Susan Marsh

Born in Seattle in 1953, I have lived in Jackson, Wyoming since 1988. I write poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and natural history.

My books, and excerpts viewable on the web site, are listed under the WORKS tab.


My other writing has appeared in Orion, North American Review, Fourth Genre, Talking River Review, Weber Studies, North Dakota Quarterly, and numerous other journals. I write a column on the natural world for Mountain Journal.


Awards and recognition: I received a fellowship from the Wyoming Arts Council in 2020 for an excerpt of my novel-in-progress Eye of the Mountain. I have received a Neltje Blanchan Memorial Award, also awarded by the Wyoming Arts Council, for creative non-fiction. My novel War Creek won the Sarton Women's Literary Award for contemporary fiction and was a finalist for the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association's Pearl Award. Saving Wyoming's Hoback, co-authored with Florence Rose Shepard, won the Wallace Stegner Prize in Environmental Humanities.


The beauty I find in forests and mountains never fails to move me, and I have never strayed far from places that inspire me. I am interested in people's ability to discover hidden aspects of themselves through encounters with wild nature, and how we change as a result. Whether in the form of a novel, memoir, non-fiction narrative, or poem, these are the things I write about.

photo credit: Don Plumley